Issues towards Environmental Status of Korea

North and South Korea have almost the same issue in regards to Nature and environmental problems.One thing that is common for them is the air pollution. For the Southside, they are being ranked as the 9th largest emitter of carbon dioxide that causes global warming. North Korea's reason for air pollution largely due to combustion of coal. Water pollution is one of South Korea's problem too. Because of sewer discharge, it affects and contaminating the cleanliness of the bodies of water. Another problem is the wasteful packaging of goods for consumer. Land use and habitat preservation is also an issue in South Korea, as deforestation has been one of their doings for over a centuries, this causes soil erosion, flooding, and disappearance of the forest. Due to their program of reforestation which had been successfully implemented during the year of the 1960s, most of their hills in the 1980s were amply covered with foliage.For North Korea, deforestation is also been their problem for many years from cultivation, logging, and some natural disasters. Economic crisis during the 1990s, put the northside into more pressure as they started to turn the woodlands into firewoods and food. This led to soil depletion, erosion and high increased of the flood. They've lost over 40% of the forest since 1985.
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