Long Hard Work of Korea

Both North and South Korea's agricultural resources come from farming, and their major crop is rice. Yet, both countries have limited land which is capable of planting and growing crops. South has only 22 percent of this land, while for the North has only 17 percent. Year by year this land decreases for the South because of their economy's rapid growth and urbanization. While for the north, the terrain, climate change, and conditions affect the farming industry. South Korea's main industries come from production of steel and they rank 10th as the largest producer for this, Electronics, they are the main producer of this product, shipbuilding, the leading producer, automobiles, in which they get they major growth of industries started the late 1980s via export, armaments, construction, textiles, and chemicals.For the North Korea, their main industries come from mining like coal, iron ore, limestone, magnesite, graphite, copper, zinc, lead, and metals. Others like products for military, metallurgy, food processing and same with South Korea they also have textiles.

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